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Bridge Loans and Private Mortgage Resources

Private Money Bridge Loan Information

Bridge Loan

Short-term loan made in anticipation of long-term funding or financing.

Bridge Loan financing is an effective vehicle to immediately capitalize on a purchase opportunity. It is a form of short-term financing which is expected to be paid back - generally within the range of 6 to 18 months - once the borrower obtains more permanent, lower cost financing.

Private money lenders are a good source for bridge loans because they are easier to deal with and act quickly. The higher rates you pay with private money are usually acceptable for bridge loans because of the short duration bridge loans have.

Some Common Bridge Loan Scenarios

- When you need funds to acquire a property
- Expanding your business
- Investments
- Restructurings & Mergers
- Property acquisition and rehab

In real property transactions, a bridge loan can give you a stronger negotiating position and enable you to buy a property without a contingency on the sale of your existing property. Whether it is through a commercial mortgage lender, an asset based private lender or a venture firm, there are bridge loan sources in our lender system.

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